This song  was written in the July/August timeframe, 2013.

As I write this, MPs debate the issue of UK military intervention in Syria. Mindful of previous interventions in the Middle East, dating back to the Crusades, we wonder whether the military have been too keen in previous years to rush headlong into conflict?

The song juxstaposes two opposing sides in the so-called “war on terror” (the terrorist vs. the young western soldier) and finds their youth and testosterone in common. It beseeches both sides not “to go the war, over things that you cannot know for sure”. Neither about faith or about political conviction.

(I am a big believer in doubt. As a counter-weight and sanitiser)

I have family in the armed services. In the US Marines and elsewhere. I would REALLY like them all to stay alive. J


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‘because life is fragile and also precious, its all to easy just to crash and burn’. This is why the soldiers are at war. To protect their country’s men and I believe they deserve more respect for their decision. Yes the crusade is arguably ‘dumb’ but I feel like the soldiers are being slated here. Personally I believe its the fault of the governemt

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