One Sunday morning in mid May 20014 whilst preparing breakfast, Joe and I were in a giggly mood. Our sense of humour often sees us occupying imaginary characters, often grotesque, with strong accents and strange dispositions who act out and pontificate on the most unlikely, often bizarre, scenarios. So too this morning. We postulated a character fed up with everything (which gave Joe the idea for the song “F*** It”, also on the “Roots” album) and also ruminated on the clichéd phrase “It’s Not You, It’s Me”. We imagined a pathetic but accommodating male who just accepted all the outrageous transgressions his partner might make by rationalising it was HIS OWN fault. In this way we tried to twist the phrase “It’s Not You, It’s Me”. We then thought it would be great to have the protagonist carry on like this throughout the first two verses, but come to his senses in the third. This is the result!

I (Henk) wrote the main riff in the last week of May, 2014 and the rest of the song in early June. Joe added harmonies and guitar work and Kevin Paul mixed it in July.


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to me some of the signing and transitions sound a bit like the Beatles, impressive song

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