One weekend in early September 2013, Joe, William and I were round my flat when Joe dared us each to write a punk song on the spot. This activity lasted a few minutes, and neither William nor I came up with anything of much cop (I think I tried to rip off Eddie Cochrane’s 1950s hit “Something Else”, which I knew the Sex Pistols had covered). But Joe came up with this riff…which I in turn appropriated, and eventually, after a few days, turned into this.

Rather than a punk song it sounds more like a 1960s R&B song by a London garage band. Maybe someone like the Yardbirds.

The title “Piece of Me” actually came from the phrase “Piece of Meat”. When we were doodling around the idea of a punk song – and true to the spirit of (some) punk – I was trying to be as offensive as possible by wailing “You’re just a Piece of Meat!” and accusing the protagonist in the song of being a bit of a slapper! 🙂

That became “Piece of Me”, which does the very opposite. 🙂

(Incidentally, that is often how song motifs and lyrics suggest themselves. I ALWAYS start with a riff. Then I try to sing a melody over that riff – frequently by using stream-of-consciousness nonsense words. Or offensive lines and expletives! 🙂 This song was born from the latter process!)

The song is ostensibly about sex. But more than that, the protagonist exhibits this over-the-top, almost adolescent enthusiasm for his girlfriend.

The protagonist reminds me of when I was in my late teenage years and my friends and I used to talk (brag?) about our clumsy sexual experiences in hushed tones. Maybe some of that punk thing made it in, after all!

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Personally I think this song easily has the most power on this album. The first guitar solo slides into the chorus and sustains the feeling of euphoria, a bit like how you and your mates were feeling I suspect!ha

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