“Upside Down” was written by Joe and his daughter Anna (then 14) in August 2014. They had started writing it at their family home in Horsham, West Sussex; and finished it one weekday round Henk’s flat in Tunbridge Wells, when Anna came to do work experience by coming to work with her Dad. They spent the whole day on the song.

Joe’s philosophy is that less is often more; and that simple is frequently best. This song plays testimony to that. The melody is woven around a basic four chord riff.

Joe also has a very poppy sensibility and in writing “Upside Down”, He deliberately wanted to write a pop song.

“Upside Down” is an unusual Third Space song also in that it features only electronic instruments…bass; keyboards; drums. Unlike the vast majority of Third Space songs, there is no guitar featured.

The subject matter concerns dealing with upheaval and change. I would never presume I could speak for Joe (he can express himself on the subject if he so wishes), so suffice to say he wrote it during a particularly tumultuous period of his life.

Lyrically, I especially like the line “Don’t want to be like Colonel Mustard, I don’t wanna go down”, which references the board game Cluedo. Apparently, it was Joe’s daughter Anna who came up with that line. A particularly good one, methinks!

This is one of my favourite songs that Joe has written!


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My 5 year old kid cant get enough of this song. Always cheers him up if this comes on the car

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