Post Human (Ghost in the Machine) 

"Post Human (Ghost in the Machine)" is the Third Space's first venture out into the empire of dance. Although we have dabbled with electronic music (for example "Upside Down"), we have never before made a full-blown dance record.

Our friend Mitch Deighton introduced an earlier version of the song to his brother Paul Deighton -- from "Ministry of Sound" DJ fame! -- and Paul re-mixed it into this version. Joe and I were completely bowled over by the mix. We LOVE it!

Befitting to electronica, the subject of the song is futuristic; speculating on a moment in the not-too-distant future where carbon life-forms evolve into digital ones and one can "upload your consciousness to the internet". Professionally, a career-long digital innovator, this topic is one which fascinates me. Very Ray Kurzweil!

We hope you enjoy the song as much as we do. With love and thanks to the Deighton brothers!


You can watch the accompanying video here.

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