The Little Things 

The music for "The Little Things" was written by Joe, using his guitar, bass, drum-loops and laptop. In October 2018, whilst staying at Joe's house for a few days to work on music, this was one of approximately 20 "snippets" Henk took home with him to work on over the next few months. He was particularly taken with the riff, which reminded him of white-soul singers like Paolo Nutini.

For a while already, Henk had the idea of writing a straightforward love song around the theme of rejecting material reasons to be with someone, but just simply being grateful for having what one does together: the little things. Henk wrote a first draft of the lyrics around Christmas 2018, which Joe and he then worked on and refined together, during one of our writing sessions at his house.

Joe originally sang the song (in my estimation, beautifully), but unfortunately, setting levels made parts of the vocal track "clip" and therefore unusable. The second version, consequently, had Henk singing lead. Trouble with this version, was that we had sampled some female backing vocal tracks, which we did not have the rights for. So Henk had to record those as well. 

This final version was produced by Steven Separovich; aka "column inches". He also plays all the instruments.

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