The song "Animals" started life as a recording Joe made on his lap-top. Quite "new wave" sounding, the original song was built around a jagged guitar riff. Sounding a little like the Knack, it could have come straight out of 1977. 

Henk took it home to work on a melody and lyric to go over it, and when Joe suggested, in a WhatsApp message, the Darwinian idea of us all essentially being "animals", Henk developed words along that theme. In March 2019 at Joe's house in Swansea, we worked on this guitar-based version and added some harmonies.

Then in the summer of 2019, Henk asked Siljan Panovski to add keyboards. The piano motif Siljan came back with was so compelling that the idea was born to create a version based around that. That resulted in a predominantly piano + voice version.

In March 2020, Steven Separovich (aka column:inches)took hold of it and totally reworked it. This is the result. Much more in the style of, say, Duran Duran, this version is the one that for us at least, pops the most. We hope you enjoy it too!

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