From the recording The Full Spectrum

A jangly pop jaunt through one of the most volatile flashpoints in any relationship -- navigating whilst driving!

My wife Juliet and I get on famously (which is why we are married in the first place!) and rarely fight.

But on two recent holidays -- one driving up the Oban coast in Scotland and one in the Ardeche, in the south of France -- we found ourselves *politely* disagreeing...on which direction to take!

As the song says, Juliet is "analogue", preferring paper maps and her natural sense of direction; whereas I am definitely "digital", relying on GPS and satellite positioning systems.

But rather than focus on the negative (our silly fights about directions) I wanted to pivot these episodes into a positive realisation:

"...If Juliet v Satellites costs us twenty minutes time
What's that compared to the love we share
For our entire lives?

If Juliet v Satellites is the worst fight of our lives
Then I think we'll be alright
We'll be just fine...".


If a silly squabble about left versus right is our biggest issue, then we're probably in a very good place together, generally!

So...this is ultimately a love song. I hope you like it. More to the point, I hope Juliet does! :-)