From the recording Looking Forward To Christmas

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A nostalgia tinged 70s style romp through the fun of Christmas!


Looking Forward To Christmas

It’s a wonderful time of the year
I can’t believe it’s finally here
It’s been so many years
Seems like forever
Since we were here together
So come on, let’s set up the tree!
And help untangle these lights with me
I’m looking forward to Christmas this year

We’ll all be gathering round
And dancing to our favourite sounds
It don’t matter to me if we sing out of key
Just as long as we’re together
We can eat and drink as much as we like
Watch those old films like “It’s a Wonderful Life”
I’m looking forward to Christmas this year

I know there may be tears
For those of us who can’t be here
Let’s raise a glass and cheer!
Where’s that sherry from last year?

Oh, don’t you agree?
There’s nothing that is better
Than a good old get-together
With your family
Something we all need
So come on, let’s make this happen!

The years accelerate as we get older
But you know what time it is when you hear Noddy Holder!
It’s Christmas!

So come on let’s get all those old Christmas records out
That’s what it’s all about
I’m looking forward to Christmas
Looking forward to Christmas
I’m so looking forward to Christmas
This year