The song "Animals" started life as a recording Joe made on his lap-top. Quite "new wave" sounding, the original song was built around a jagged guitar riff. Sounding a little like the Knack, it could have come straight out of…

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The Little Things 

The music for "The Little Things" was written by Joe, using his guitar, bass, drum-loops and laptop. In October 2018, whilst staying at Joe's house for a few days to work on music, this was one of approximately 20 "snippets"…

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Post Human (Ghost in the Machine) 

"Post Human (Ghost in the Machine)" is the Third Space's first venture out into the empire of dance. Although we have dabbled with electronic music (for example "Upside Down"), we have never before made a full-blown dance record.

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Funk The Night Up (Last Night On Earth) 

Funk The Night Up (Last Night On Earth) is an INXS type funk-rocker celebrating the joys of a BIG NIGHT OUT!

The song started out as a riff Joe had recorded on his laptop. Henk took this riff and added…

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This is a song about anonymous British grafitti artist "Banksy" whom both Joe and I are big fans of.

Joe lives in Swansea (Abertawe), Wales, and a lot of our stuff is recorded down there nowadays. Around Christmas 2018, a…

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On Holiday 

A completely straightforward ska / calypso tinged celebration of a very simple theme -- going on holiday!

Not Waving, But Drowning 

This dreamy, "Richard-Hawley-meets-the-Smiths" jangle fest is a rumination on suicide and takes it's title from the famous Stevie Smith poem.

Juliet v Satellites 

A jangly pop jaunt through one of the most volatile flashpoints in any relationship -- navigating whilst driving!

My wife Juliet and I get on famously (which is why we are married in the first place!) and rarely fight.


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Montmartre in the Rain 

A piano led ditty that recalls a trip to Paris in November 2014, when Joe and I walked for hours through rainy Montmartre in the early hours, looking for shelter and peace from spectres of ghosts past.

King of the World 

A jangly, poppy, straightforward love song. Almost everything that can go wrong does go wrong in the protagonist's life...but he just doesn't care because he is "in love with a girl".

I Want It 

"I Want It" is a synth and guitar driven meditation on addiction. Although the exact addiction remains unspoken -- drink; drugs; sex; food -- the underlying desire is addressed; throbs in unison with the ominous beat.

Other People's Lives 

A jangly condemnation of busybodies who invade one's privacy with intrusive questions. Written about a neighbour I once had.